Three elderly individuals sitting at a table, engrossed in paperwork and deep in conversation.

How Much Does a Will Cost?

29 April 2024
Writing a Will is a crucial step in ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you pass away. However, many people hesitate to create a Will, often because they are un...
Couple discussing estate administration

What Is Estate Administration?

29 January 2024
What happens to our wealth and possessions after we're gone? It's a question that may often linger in the back of our minds; and the answer lies in the intricate process known as estate administrat...
Two people pointing at legal documents

The Stages of the Probate Process

27 January 2024
In the unfortunate scenario where a loved one dies, whilst dealing with their estate there is a high chance you will come across the term “probate” if you are looking to sell their property. It is ...
Taxes and house on wooden blocks: A miniature house symbolizing homeownership, surrounded by wooden blocks representing taxes.

Understanding UK Inheritance Tax Thresholds

09 January 2024
In estate planning, one crucial aspect that cannot go unnoticed is the concept of inheritance tax. In the United Kingdom, assets passed down from generation to generation are taxed according to a s...
A piggy bank filled with coins and surrounded by green plants, symbolizing growth and financial savings.

What Happens to My Pension When I Die?

05 January 2024
As we diligently save for retirement, it is only natural to wonder about the legacy we leave behind and how it impacts loved ones. ‘What happens to your pension when you die?’ is a question that ca...
Elderly man receiving a diagnosis

Things To Think About If You Have Received A Dementia Diagnosis

16 May 2023
The term dementia is used to describe a collection of symptoms which occur when the brain is affected by specific diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease or Vascular Dementia. The symptoms usually in...
serious worried female manager with tablet

Potential Post-Death Problems: The rise in disputes concerning funeral and burial arrangements.

13 September 2022
The death of a loved one can be a traumatic experience leaving a family feeling overwhelmed with grief. In most cases, families are able to work together to sort out the post-death formalities such...
young business woman manager sitting workplace with laptop using smartphone

What is a Deputy and are they entitled to see a person’s will?

01 September 2022
What is a Deputy? When a person is deemed to have lost mental capacity, they are usually unable to make certain important decisions for themselves. These decisions may relate to the sale of a prop...
Occupation rent wooden houses

Occupation rent – What is it and is it always payable?

20 July 2022
We are often told, when dealing with estate administration, that one of the beneficiaries is living in the house and are asked the question if they can be made to pay rent to the other beneficiaries.
Worried middle aged couple sitting in a sofa with a financial advisor

The importance of Capacity when executing a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

27 June 2022
The recent judgment of Mr Justice Poole in The Public Guardian v RI & Ors [2022] EWCOP 22 is an insightful and helpful case which considered whether the donor of an LPA for Property & Finan...

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