Expert Legal Guideance for Your Estate Planning Needs

At Culver Law, we understand the importance of thoughtful estate planning. Our experienced solicitors provide comprehensive Wills and Probate Services to clients across London and Cambridge.

Whether you need assistance with drafting a Will, navigating complex legal disputes, or ensuring your loved ones’ rights are protected, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Will Writing Services

Crafting a well-structured and legally sound Will is crucial to ensure your wishes are honoured after your passing. Our solicitors will work closely with you to identify the right type of Will for your needs, and write a Will that reflects your intentions and safeguards your assets.

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Statutory Wills

A Statutory Will is a Will made by the Court of Protection on behalf of someone who is unable to make one themselves because they lack the required mental capacity. Our team of solicitors in both our London and Cambridge offices are experts in this field, and can assist with statutory Will applications, and ensuring that the proposed Will aligns with the best interests of the individual.

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Contesting a Will

Disputes over wills can be emotionally charged. Whether you’re challenging a Will or defending its validity, our solicitors provide strategic advice and representation.

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Inheritance Act Claims

When you feel unfairly excluded from an inheritance, our team of solicitors can help you explore your options under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. We strive to achieve a fair resolution for all parties involved.

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Executor and Beneficiary Disputes

Executorship and beneficiary roles can lead to conflicts. We provide legal advice and representation to resolve disputes related to the administration of estates, ensuring a smooth process.

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Testamentary Capacity Disputes

When questions arise about an individual’s mental capacity at the time of making a Will, our solicitors can provide you with expert advice to help you understand your options, and should further action be required, we can assist you by providing legal representation.

Why Choose Culver Law?

  • Experts in offering Wills and Probate services - especially those dealing with large, complex or difficult estates

  • Fairer pricing - we charge clients in 1-minute units so you never pay more than you need to

  • Need to defend a Will? We have vast experience in aiding vulnerable clients who are facing litigation

  • British Sign Language (BSL) support available for clients who are deaf or audibly impaired

  • Peace of mind via our service level guarantee (ask our team for more information)

  • Offices in London and Cambridge allow you to have face to face meetings with our team at a location near you

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled solicitors.

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