Thousands of people in the United Kingdom will require health and social care services at some point during their lifetime. Individuals are living longer and is therefore important that appropriate plans are put into place to protect your family's future should you need to pay for care fees.

A proper financial assessment and a separate needs assessment should be carried out by the local authority.

Paying for care

If you have assessable assets which are over £23,250 you will be liable to pay your care home fees in full. However, it may be possible that you are able to claim funding assistance. Care funding is often complex and mistakes can be made when assessing how much somebody should be liable to contribute towards their care fees.

We understand that the expense of care home fees can be extremely daunting. The fees may cause you to worry that your family will not have sufficient financial security if you have no choice but to move into a care home, for example. We can provide you with advice and work with you to try and find suitable solutions to stop it becoming necessary to sell your family home in order to settle your care fees.

In order to ensure your finances are protected, we can also assist you by ensuring that social services apply the correct financial assessment rules. This will ensure you are not incorrectly assessed as being liable to pay more for your care home fees than is necessary. We can also advise you in respect of deprivation of assets rules and how social services will assess your assets.

Alternative funding options

We can also assist you with exploring alternative funding options which may be available to you. These can include a deferred payment agreement which is a long-term loan you can request from your local authority if you are a homeowner. Essentially, the local authority will settle your care home fees and place a charge against your property.

If you or a loved-one would prefer to be cared for at home, rather than a care home, we can also help you to explore this option. We can provide you with assistance with obtaining appropriate funding to pay for the care, if this is required.

If you have concerns that you or your loved ones are overpaying for care, if the assessments have not been carried out correctly or if you have any concerns about the standard of care being provided or alternatively you just want advice on putting into place appropriate safeguards to protect your future, please contact a member of our team.

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